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All Port Ellen Angling Club lochs are on the R.S.P.B.'s Oa reserve.

Due to the nature of the reserve there are some things that we as anglers can do to avoid disturbing nesting birds, in particular, the following should be observed at all times :

1. Never drive passed the car park at Glenastle lochs and avoid even walking close to the old house as much as possible.

2. Always use the car park beside the club hut at Kinnabus, if the car park is full, park up at the farm house rather than obstructing the road or going into field.

3. Stick to footpaths as much as possible to avoid disturbing nesting ground.

4. Refrain from fishing on the school lochs untill the second half of the season ( July onward )

5. If birds seem to be swooping overhead and calling, it is likely that you are near to a nest, move along 50m until the birds quieten.

6. Always have your permit at hand.

7. Leave all gates as you find them.

8. Never leave litter and pay particular attention to making sure that you always take leader material with you. 


Port Ellen Angling ClubNews & ResultsCompetition Dates ArchivesGallery