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Kinnabus Loch is the second largest body of fresh water on the island and is approximately 100 acres in size.

A substanial
car park allows plenty of room to set up your rods and there is also a picnic table and seats for a wee rest

The size of this loch can be a bit daunting at first but fish can be caught all over and with many sheltered bays and inlets finding somewhere to fish in any wind direction shouldn't be a problem.

The loch is full of smaller trout that fight well above there weight and an evening rise has to be seen to be believed. There are larger fish to be had as a local angler proved  when he landed a fish of 1lb 10oz a couple of years ago.

Wading is possible on most of the loch with fine gravel bays and gradual depth change. The exception being a small area on the eastern shoreline where there are some large boulders and deep drop offs. As always caution is advised.

A boat is available on this water and can be a great way to explore the many bays and inlets. If  you are keen on dapping, this would be a great loch to give it a try.

When using the boat please be aware there are some small skerries further up the shoreline in front of where the boat is moored.

For the keen amateur naturalist - as well as stunning surroundings Loch Kinnabus has many species of bird and in particular, if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the golden eagle soaring overhead.

On the subject of birds.... The R.S.P.B and the angling club are keen to keep disturbance of nesting birds to an absolute minimum. If you think you might be close to a nest sight then keep moving along the bank until the birds around you have settled down again.


 Permits and boat hire available from Iain Laurie (see contacts)


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